Selteco Menu Maker

Selteco Menu Maker for Windows

Create web menus without any coding

Selteco Menu Maker provides an easy way to create pull-down web menus without coding. The application requires no knowledge of JavaScript or DHTML and produces navigation that is compatible with all major browsers, including IE, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Netscape. You can fully customize your menus to suite your website.

Features include:

  • Design in Live Preview and see your web menu exactly as it will appear online
  • Single JavaScript file to include into your web site
  • Use different menu styles
  • Fast menu loading - the code is light, reliable and size optimized
  • Design either horizontal menu bar, or vertical menu box
  • Use TARGET frame for menu item
  • Pop-up prompt for each menu item
  • Align menu bar either left, right or center
  • Use HTML tags in the item text
  • Use multiple menus on a single web page
  • Save and open menu files for editing
  • Indexable by search engines

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Selteco Menu Maker


Selteco Menu Maker 4.1.3

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